Free Style Masterclass: How to Dress Your Shape

and style tips no one ever taught you

Join me for this free style class, I'll teach what magazines never really answer & mom never told you because her mother never told her.

Over the years as a personal stylist I’ve listened to hundreds of women share what’s truly in their hearts and heads.

Their revelations are heartbreaking + sobering to say the least. They have inspired my own heart and set me on a mission to help other women have the same breakthrough.  

And through working with ages 17 to 77, petite to plus size, I’ve decoded the style principles that apply to and empower all women regardless of your age, shape, style, lifestyle or occupation. 

I don't believe in rules or trends. I simply believe getting dressed should be easier, more joyful and I teach you the principles to give you more freedom to play.

My #1 signature style principle that empowers you to wear more of your closet, more often.

 Never again get caught saying: “I wish that worked on me” or “I can’t pull it off.”

The two most flattering shapes to look for in any item or outfit.

No need to buy new clothes. Learn how to shop less and feel great wearing what you own already .

How your unique recipe gives you freedom + confidence heading to any type of event or situation, + how to find it.


and get ready for answers

After all, how often do you take an hour for yourself as a woman? Perhaps at a manicure where you zone out with a trashy magazine? Guilty pleasure television? What about an hour that fills your soul, heals your heart, and moves your life forward? 

... Bring a pen and slow down to consider how you start your mornings, what you subliminally tell your children, how you walk into first dates and final interviews. 

There is more joy and less overwhelm waiting for you, without losing weight, or making more money. Simply education and empathy, ready to unlock a next level if you’ll let them.

Darling, I can't wait to see you inside!